Thursday, March 8, 2012

Talk about surreal.

Holy crap.

This is really happening.

I just booked my plane ticket to Nashville.

It took FOR-FREAKING-EVER because apparently American Airlines likes to lie about their prices and what they told me was a $186 flight was actually going to be a $255 flight, so I had to start all over in my searches.  Plus, Mom wanted to check all the sites and all that and I was trying to take both Mom and the band into consideration (because I didn't want to make the band get up at the crack of dawn the morning after a show to get me to the airport).  And she had to think about how Chelsea and Blake would get to work/daycare because she's also planning to get out of town that week because that's her Spring Break.

So it was a long process, but it worked.

It worked.

I'm going to Nashville.

Sorry, I keep repeating things because I still have a hard time believing I'm getting on a plane (in the middle of the semester!) to go see three music shows.

My flight leaves at 12:15 Monday afternoon, and I get to Nashville about 3:30.  Then I leave Nashville at 11:00 Friday morning and get back at about 3:15.

I am thankful that Holly can get me to the airport on Monday, which means Mom only has to worry about picking me up on Friday.  I'm also thankful for the fact that on both of my layovers (both going there and coming back), the terminal my plane lands in is the same terminal my next plane leaves from.  That means I don't have to worry about my directionally-challenged self navigating my way across big airports.

This is really happening.  Holy crap.

Taylor already told me that he and/or Bruno would pick me up, and I'm staying with Callie and Phoebe and their family, which means I'm totally going to be taken care of.

I'm sure that once the day arrives, my high-stress self will be freaking out, especially since I have never flown by myself before, but for now I'm just SO FREAKING EXCITED.  Too bad I still have 25 days to wait.  I'm sure once I get back to school, it will fly.

This is really happening!  Yay!

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  1. First time flying !!!! So fun! But I thought you were on Europe before
    Sounds like a cool week!