Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dumb Rocks

Heh. A direct quote from the end of my blog post yesterday. "On to tomorrow.  The longest day of my week. I pray I get some good sleep tonight, I've been struggling with that as of late."

Stupid, stupid me. I really shouldn't have said that.  I should've known saying that meant I would be up half the night.

I didn't fall asleep until after 1:00.  Insomnia.  Yay.

My word, today was long.  Wednesdays are long every week, but especially so when I'm this tired.

French was super fun today.  I laughed until I cried a couple times, thanks to my stellar translating abilities.  Case in point: In a very Romantic poem, "dumb rocks" should have said "silent rocks".

I had dinner with Ben tonight, which was very nice.  He's very sweet and friendly and polite, and we haven't talked much since high school up until this whole election thing.  Just another example of how different life is now compared to high school.

I would've been asleep hours ago if we hadn't had a dorm meeting at 10:00. But now it's over and I am going to go collapse.


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