Saturday, March 10, 2012

This quote applies to so many people.

So Mom and I watched 48 Hours: Hard Evidence for a good portion of the night.  I love these crime shows, and I know I've talked about this show before.  But anyway, that's not the important part.

On the last episode, a lawyer was accused of killing his wife.  Everybody and their brother thought he did it, including his own family.  His story basically boiled down to him saying everyone else was lying.  All three of his ex-wives who said he was violent, the co-worker of his wife who said she took pictures of the wife after he beat the crap out of her, the detective had it out for him, the cell phone records were wrong, everyone else was at fault.

His defense attorney did his job as best as he could, but from what was shown in the episode, he didn't seem to believe him either.  He advised the guy not to take the stand in the trial, but the guy wanted to.  When the TV reporter asked if he advised the guy not to take the stand, his reply was, "Yeah, in not so nice words. I believe exactly what I said was 'You are so arrogant and unlikable, you're going to blow this."  Which is funny enough by itself.  Then the show cut to a clip of the prosecutor saying what I think is one of the most clever things I've heard in a long time.

"He thinks he's the smartest man in the room, no matter what room he's in."

I just love that.  Like, really.  It's been stuck in my head.  Adding to the effect was my mother saying "Oh, are we talking about Newt Gingrich?" (But that's beside the point.)

Seriously, though, that guy reminded me of Chelsea.  Not the murdering part, obviously, but his "perpetual victim" mindset and how everyone in the world was out to get him.  She's been ranting in that way for days, how "she can't do anything right" and "Mom doesn't appreciate her" and "she's trying to set Chelsea up to lose custody" and all of this other nonsensical crap.  It's not really any different than the stuff she's said for years, it's just been more evident the past few days.  Probably because I'm never home to deal with her anymore and because I want to get back to school so badly.

Blake's really sick.  Poor thing.  And I'm wondering how I'm going to get back to school tomorrow because Mom doesn't trust Chelsea enough to leave him with her.  And a grandmother just shouldn't have that kind of problem, you know?  But that's our family.  And now I feel guilty for being worried about getting back to school instead of only worrying about Blake.  Sigh.

I don't even want to get started about the game today.  Long story short: NC State lost by two points and I blame the refs for it.  Here is an article that basically explains why.  Whatever.  Dear Tarheels, I hope those Seminoles wipe the floor with you tomorrow, like they did earlier this season.

So glad Spring Break is over tomorrow.

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  1. Re your Mom's comment about Gringrich: LOL!!!!

    Voting in the Republican primary next month is going to be... fun. The one I like the best I doubt could realistically win against Obama, and the one that has the best shot at that I don't really like and then the other two... *shudders*