Thursday, March 1, 2012

Now I can't say I've never voted for a Republican anymore.

Today was a very long day.

I got up at 9:00, which is half an hour before I usually get up on Thursdays.  I ate breakfast and got ready and stuff, and I left at 10:15 so I could go vote in the SGA elections.  I'm SUPER paranoid about being late and I wanted to make sure I had time to do it before my 11:00 class.

I voted, which was fast and easy because I did it in the middle of a class "period" meaning most people were in class so the line wasn't long.  Both "tickets" were full of Republicans (surprise, surprise, this is a Baptist school, you know) but I voted for my friend Gabe and the guys he was running with because I actually believe they care about the ENTIRE school.  The only ridiculous part about it is that I was wearing a sticker for Snyder Pencook and Inman and the people at the voting table made me cover it up because it could "sway voters".  I was like what the heck?  It's not like I'm a candidate or a member of SGA.  How is seeing a sticker on a random person going to sway your vote?  If you're swayed that easily, you're probably far too ignorant and shouldn't be voting anyway. (Joke!)  But whatever.  Then I spent a little bit of time helping the group I was voting for talk to voters and stuff.  I got pictures with three of the four guys.

This is Matt.  (And my dorky friend Allen in the background bombing the picture, haha.)  He added me on Facebook last week because he saw me on the "Vote Snyder/Pencook/Inman" (he's the Inman) Facebook page and we talked a bit, so it was good to actually meet him.  He's super nice (and cute, but that's beside the point haha).  Plus, I just like pictures. :)  And yay, he won Executive Treasurer.  Ironically enough, he beat a guy from my hometown that I've known for about 10 years.

This is Hunter.  We also started talking through FB and I accidentally ran into him on Tuesday while waiting for my Economics class to start, but it was good to see him again.  He's also very nice.  Though I think he has a kinda weird smile haha.  He won Men's Community Coordinator.  I couldn't vote for him because, well, I'm  a girl, but I would've if I could've.

And this is Gabe.  I've talked about him before.  He was running for President, but he lost. :( Which really sucks because the guys who won President and Vice-President (from the other ticket) are not very nice people, in my opinion.  Plus, I hate seeing a good friend, actually any friend, put their heart and soul into something and lose.  He said he's "easy to hate" which is how the other guys convinced people to vote for them, and it frustrates me so much because he's one of the absolute nicest people I've ever met at this school. But oh well, what's done is done.

Then I went to French, and Dr. Steegar actually let us out about 10 minutes early which was a shocker.  Then, I went to a quick lunch with Ryann, and then I went back out to help the boys for about an hour until I had to go to Econ.  Then, Dr. Steckbeck let us about 20 minutes early (yay for teachers being so nice, since it was the last class before Spring Break haha), and I went back out to help again, but it was so hot I got overheated and left because I was nervous I was going to pass out.

Then I did laundry, and that took far too long because people can't seem to remember to come GET their clothes when the time is up.  And I did a composition I was supposed to turn in today but didn't even remember I had to do it until I woke up this morning so there was no time. And I ate dinner in my room (too tired to leave).  And I took a shower after my laundry was done.  And I packed.  And at 8:30 I finally sat down to do my book report for French Lit tomorrow.  It took me exactly two and a half hours.  Then I started getting ready for bed but that guy from my hometown who lost to Matt for Treasurer started messaging me again so we talked for a bit.

And now here I am.  Almost midnight.  Now I'm going to collapse.  6:30 comes too early.

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  1. People at Campbell actually vote in the SGA elections? I'm pretty sure that at my school the only people who vote for the SGA are those running and those who know someone, and probably some of the people who hold protest marches, lol. (Yeah, we had a protest on campus yesterday. Yay, state school...)