Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Leap Day was strange, that's for sure.

Well, here it is.  Leap Day.  The day that only comes around once every four years.  All because it takes Earth 365 and a quarter days to orbit around the sun and we can't be bothered with the fractions until they add up to one.

It is the first Leap Day since I started this good ole blog (Which, holy cow, I've been blogging for THREE YEARS as of last Thursday).  A teacher I had in high school's daughter was born on Leap Day.  A blog friend got engaged on Leap Day four years ago.  Another friend was almost born on Leap Day.  I personally think that's fun.

My Leap Day wasn't all that spectacular, but it was odd.

I woke up to a message from Jay on Facebook explaining why he stood me up on Skype again and saying all sorts of things I've heard from him before.  I do need to chill out, but he needs to realize I don't do friendships that only exist on one person's terms.  But whatever.  I'm too tired to deal with it today.

I went to French Lit and Dr. Steegar tried to tell me he did tell me that I could write the essays in English, and I'm about 186823% certain that he didn't because that's something I would remember in a class as hard as this.  At least that was all in fun and that whole class was sarcastic and fun.

Then I studied for Psychology, and the test ended up being soooo much easier than I expected it to be, way easier than the first one was.

Here's the best part of the day.  Then, I got an email from my grandfather, the same grandfather to whom, mind you, I have barely spoken over the past decade.  You wanna know what this email was about?  How he's been noticing my activity on Facebook and that I'm a Democrat, and then all the reasons why it's impossible to be a Democrat and a true Christian, oh and if I read or understood the Constitution I would know that Barack Obama can't possibly be president because he's not a natural-born US citizen according to a video that was FAKE, a video that was spliced and edited together to make it seem like he said things that HE NEVER SAID.  I responded once as politely as I could possibly muster, and he wrote that he just wanted me to "keep an open mind" and I thought "I can't keep an open mind about A LIE. THAT would be undermining the intelligence you claim to understand that I have." but didn't respond.  Like seriously?  You barely speak to me for over a decade, and this is the impression you want to start off with - calling me ignorant and not acting like a Christian and undermining my intelligence?  I talked to my mom tonight and told her the story and she busted out laughing.  Now, just to avoid the risk of some political debate busting out here, let me say this: I don't care if you hate Obama.  I really don't.  That's your right, and your business.  ALL I want is for you to hate him for reasons based in logic and fact.  Claiming he is not a US citizen is not based in fact considering he has been so willing to show his birth certificate to the world he put it on coffee mugs. This country has way bigger issues on its hands; please for the love of the God all the Republicans hold so dear, can we GIVE THIS UP?!  And that is the end of my political rant.

Then I went to Water Aerobics and forgot my entire lesson plan because I spent so much time trying to find riddles to tell, because that's sort of our habit.  And I had to do it all in the shallow end of the pool, so I got out and was in the most pain I've ever been from that class. (I usually do it in somewhat deeper water because it's lower impact and I need that for various reasons.)

Then I went to Math and that test was also easy.  And then I went to dinner.  And then I took the night off because my mind is exhausted after all that has gone on today.

Oh, and also in the middle of this, all week I've been dealing with a guy from my hometown that transferred to Campbell last year who is running for Executive Treasurer of the SGA on a "ticket" with two guys who have been sabotaging the College Democrats at every possible opportunity harassing me about why I'm voting for my good friend Gabe (who is running for President) and his ticket instead of them.  AFTER he told me he wasn't talking me to try and influence me about my vote.  Luckily, annoying college Republicans are less aggravating than US politics.  I can handle these dudes.

Oh, and here's some fun news.  Gabe has convinced me to run for an SGA representative of the Junior class. Heh.  Don't worry, that's new, I haven't been hiding it.  There's not much to say, though, because nominations aren't even until after Spring Break.  He did say he's going to help me campaign, though, which is pretty sweet and awesome.

I'm amazed I had this many words still in me considering how fried my mind feels.  I just originally wrote "fields" instead of "feels."  I think that's a sign I need to get off here.

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  1. That sounds like quite the day!

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather's email- it's so annoying when other people try to tell you what politics you should follow. And, don't hate me for this*,lol, but I'm a republican. I only mention this to say that not all of us think that the president is a.) muslim b)a terrorist c) not a natural born citizen or d) all or some of the above. And personally, I get kind of (ok, a lot) annoyed at those who do think such things. And, no, I don't agree with everything republicans do/have ever done, but I'm a registered republican because I agree with them more than I do with the democrats. I completely respect your political leanings too, by the way, and hate politics so I won't ever debate you or tell you you're wrong or anything. Promise. :)

    *I don't seriously think that you would. :)

    You should definitely run for SGA rep! Good luck!