Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm feeling very accomplished today.

I started out yesterday afternoon with a very large to-do list.  It involved work for Algebra, French Lit, French Conversation, Psychology, and Economics.  Plus laundry and dishes.

Now all I have left is Economics and finishing folding my laundry.  And it's only Saturday night!  If you knew me, you'd know that that is really, really impressive.

I'm going to bed as soon as I finish the laundry, because last night I stayed up till 3 am reading absolutely unnecessary stuff online, and it made it really difficult to get up this morning and then stay awake enough to do my work, and that wasn't 100% successful seeing as I kept dozing off while doing my Psychology reading.

Must stay out of that brown recliner.  I always fall asleep when I read in that chair.  Not my fault, though.  It's just. so. comfortable!!

I haven't heard from Mom yet this weekend, which is a bit odd.  I need to remember to check on her tomorrow.

Okay, I really should go get that laundry out of the dryer.  I hate taking up a dryer unnecessarily.

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