Thursday, February 23, 2012

I never said I couldn't be awkward.

So I had a bit of an "open mouth, insert foot" moment in French this morning.  We were doing this listening exercise on Dr. Steegar's boombox thing (and I'm not sure if that's what it's called).  We are a very sarcastic bunch, mind you, so I was kind of ragging on him because he couldn't get the rewind and fast forward buttons to get the CD to go to the points he wanted.  So he (jokingly, of course) acted all offended and handed the player over to me.  Then I proceeded to have almost as much trouble as he did. Oops?  Good thing all five of us know that everything we say in there is sarcastic and joking, because otherwise I would've felt really bad.

Then I went and had lunch with Pam (from French) and it was kind of funny because we spent almost the entire time playing Words with Friends on our phones.  Yay technology.

Then I went to Economics and it was AWESOME.  I was so nervous about getting back the test that I took on Tuesday.  I get there, and he splits the entire class up into groups of three, and get this...We retook the test and worked together. I've never seen a professor do that before!  I'm pretty sure he takes the higher of the two grades.  What a relief!  I know of several questions that they explained to me why a different answer than the one I put originally was the right answer, so I'm very optimistic!

Then I came back and did basically nothing except take a shower and eat dinner before I went to a College Democrats meeting that NO ONE (except officers) showed up to.  They are driving that club into the ground.

And then I had a Skype (text) chat with Jay.  He promised I'll get a real webcam chat this weekend. He's so freaking cute.  He cracks me up, and the fact that he worries about me as much as he does is just adorable.  So yay!

And now I'm sitting here watching Private Practice and just grinning even though it's kind of depressing..


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