Monday, February 13, 2012

I'll chock this up to girl hormones.

I just got text-yelled at by the College Dems president.  I texted her asking if we had an officer meeting on Thursday and if she had the details about the event next week.  I wanted to know so I could get the flyer for the event done by the officer meeting so I could give the other officers some to help me post them around campus.  Because I EXPLAINED to them all at the beginning of the semester that I am not physically able to post them all over campus by myself.  And they all said it was fine, and that they didn't mind helping me.  And a couple weeks ago, for our meeting last week, they didn't mind helping me.

But today I texted her asking if she had details (time/place) about the event next week because I'd like to have the flyers done before Thursday so I can give them some at the officer's meeting (if we even have one, since she never told me that, either) so they can help me.  I got an angry text about how I'm the Public Relations Director (yes, I'm aware of that, thank you, and I basically don't do anything because of your lack of delegation) and if it's going to get advertised, it's my responsibility not theirs and I need to quit asking them.

This girl KNOWS about my physical issues.

TWO WEEKS AGO she didn't mind helping me.


And since my period is due in a week, I flat out just broke down and started sobbing.  I shouldn't have, I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help it.  Thank God for my mother.  Once I got her on the phone, she calmed me down, gave me just enough of the reality check that I needed, and made me laugh.  Then I posted a VERY vague Facebook status about it, and five people who responded made me smile and laugh some more.  :) Always a good mood-lifter.

Still.  Not cool, huh?  It's one thing to pick on me for being a nerd, it's another thing to pick on me for my physical issues.

Sigh.  I hope this is just hormones.  I hope I just cried because I'm way more sensitive thanks to the always fantastic PMS, and I hope she's just ill-tempered from stress or hormones or whatever. 

At least I have Castle to distract me.  Between this and the fact that I felt the effects of Water Aerobics WAY more today than in the past few weeks, I'm gonna crash hard when this show is over.

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