Saturday, February 18, 2012

Same story, different Saturday.

Amy took me for a quick trip to Walmart so I could get laundry detergent and computer paper.  Thank the good Lord for making my Saturday even brighter by putting a Girl Scout cookies table right in front of the entrance.  I've been doing fairly well with this whole diet/losing weight thing, but I can't say no to Girl Scout cookies.  Thin Mints, come to mama! :)

I Skyped with my friend Vivielle for the first time.  I always love getting to put voices with faces I've known for a while.  That was a fun conversation.

I watched Wolfpack basketball.  And we lost.  (See, I told you this was a typical Saturday.)

I talked to Mom on the phone for a couple minutes, and she put Blake on, and I got to hear his adorable little chattering and him saying "Mal" and doing the Wolfpack howl and giving the phone a big kiss. Melt. my. heart.  Can't wait to get home in two weeks and see that boy!  This beats out Thin Mints for highlight of my day. :D

I did homework.

I watched/am watching Dateline: Real Life Mysteries.

And I'm about to do laundry.  And more homework.

Yay college.

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  1. Thanks for skyping! It was fun. :) You talk just like you write.