Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He better give me bonus points.


Remember how I've mentioned about six billion times how nervous I am about that French Lit test?

Well guess what I found out today.

The three "short essays" (as Dr. Steegar calls them) that I had to write? Could have been written in English.

I went to lunch again with Pam today after Conversation/Composition (it's sort of just become a habit) and we were talking about the test.  We figured that Dr. Steegar would probably change the essay questions on hers and Ryann's (because all teachers do that because, well, people talk about tests), but I was telling her about the ones I remembered from it.  I mentioned one that was comparing and contrasting two political pieces from two different authors and I said "I had NO idea how to answer that one!" She said "That would've been hard enough to do with the book open!" And I said "Or in English!"  She stopped and looked at me all serious and said, "Oh, you don't have to write them in French!"


He totally did NOT tell me that.  I could have written a whole lot more than what I wrote if I had known that part.  As of class this morning, he hadn't looked at my test, so that is why I didn't know about it till Pam told me.  What probably happened is that he forgot I didn't take the first half of the class last semester, and Pam and Ryann did, so he thought I knew about it.  And frankly, I'm surprised he even lets this happen.  Dr. Steegar LOVES French.  (Clearly, since he's taught it for the past 40+ years.)  When talking about our book report, I asked just to clarify, "And it has to be in French, right?" He said, "Well, you can do this first one in English, but I'd prefer it in French." Which is basically Steegar-code for "I'm going to tease you if you turn in an English copy.  This is an upper-level course!"

So yeah.  Not sure how I'm going to fix this one.  That aside, talking about it all with Pam made me just that much more nervous to get it back.  Go figure.

Tomorrow is going to be insane.  I have a Psychology test at 10, it's my day to teach Water Aerobics at 1, and then I have my Algebra midterm at 4.  I'm going to be so fried by the end of the day.  Speaking of which, I still have to look and figure out what I'm going to teach tomorrow, so I better get on that.

Today was better than yesterday, though. So there's always that to be happy about.  Plus, I happen to know some pretty spectacular people who love me even when I worry way too much. :)  Yay life.

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  1. Oh my. I hate to say it, but someday you're probably going to find the writing it in French when it could have been in English thing funny. I wouldn't worry too much- after all you essentially did more work than what was expected and what professor dislikes that?