Sunday, March 25, 2012

This goes out to all the Tarheel fans.

To every Tarheel fan who ragged on NC State and Duke for getting knocked out of the tournament, I have this to say:

Oh and also: NC State, a #11 seed, lost to Kansas, a #2 seed, by 3 points.  North Carolina, a #1 seed, lost to Kansas by 13 points.  Just sayin'. :)

Aside from sports, today was filled with lots and lots of homework.  That's a complete shock, I know.  Since I was up past 2:00 last night, I slept in till 10:30.  I got up, ate, messed around on the computer a bit, read Econ, took a shower, turned on the Kentucky/Baylor game, read more Econ, read Psychology, created my notes/presentation for French Lit tomorrow, watched the UNC/Kansas game, ate some more, got caught up on my French blog (note to self: do not get behind again! writing six French blogs back to back is not fun), and watched NCIS.

I'm going to finish this episode and go to bed.  On to a new week!

8 days to Nashville. God, please let my chest clear up and get rid of this cough before then.  Please.

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