Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My new discovery of the day: If you don't walk in a normal tennis shoe for three and a half months, it'll hurt when you finally do.

Deep stuff, huh?

I was finally able to wear a regular tennis shoe on my right foot today.  I haven't done that since my second foot surgery on July 23. I walked down the hall of my dorm and to the nearby dining hall. 

I'm not allowed to walk all the way to class yet.  My doc wants me to take things slow to not stress the bones that only had 2 months to fuse (it usually takes at least 6 months, usually a year).  It's a good thing he told me not to walk to class yet.

Because the little bit I did today?  Let me tell you; it hurt.

Ow numero dos? The nasty rash-like dry skin thing I've got going on on my right arm where the PICC line was.  My skin does not react well to adhesive, and I had adhesive there for six weeks, so it's just nasty, and I can't find anything to help it.

Basically, other than that, I'm just stressed. I can't wait for this semester to be over.

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