Saturday, November 20, 2010

Now, there's a shock.

So I finally talked to my mom this afternoon.  She told me that the cause of her heart problems this past week wasn't her esophagus.

It was stress.

My mom? Stressed? Noooo.

She's only a single mom living on a teacher's salary who supports her three daughters and grandson, two of those daughters have their own health problems, and she has to deal with a job five days a week that she's absolutely miserable at.

Stress couldn't possibly be the cause!

Hah.  I'm just glad she's okay.  She said she's still pretty weak but doing better.  It's amazing how draining laying in a hospital bed can be, but really, it is.

Wanna hear my genius move of the day?  I was standing on my power chair (it was off) trying to get a page out of a book copied.  Well, I did and got down.  I grabbed the joystick to back the chair up so that I had more space to turn around and sit down.  But instead?  I ran the chair forward.

Right over my right foot and the still-healing incision.

Luckily, only clear fluid has come out of it, so it's not serious.  But it sure hurt something fierce!  I'm amazing, aren't I? 

Guess what today was.

The 100th anniversary game of NC State vs. UNC.

And NC State won.  29-25.  We held on by the skin of our teeth for the first three quarters.  Lately this season, it's been that we'd kick butt the first three quarters and then blow it away in the last quarter, but this time it was the opposite.  Up until the last minute of the third quarter, we were playing so crappy.  But then, we got a touchdown, and from there we just killed.  Beginning of the 4th quarter we got an 87-yard return for another touchdown.  It was nuts!  But an absolutely awesome game.

You know what's also awesome?  All the UNC fans on my Facebook friends who posted before the game that they were going to kill us and we're not rivals and blah, blah, blah, and then in the 4th quarter they started freaking out.  One girl actually posted "Football is not that big of a deal in the ACC.  We'll kill you in basketball." And all I could think was "1) Somebody's bitter! and 2) Like you'd really be saying that if you had won."  Hah.  People are hilarious.

Today's been a good day.  Despite all the work I've done, I'll be doing stuff for my research paper all. day. long. tomorrow, but still.  Today was a good day.

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  1. I'm so glad you mentioned the NC State game. I had friends on FB mention it but I thought it was basketball & I could never find any info on it. FOOTBALL makes MUCH more sense LOL. Go State!!

    My dad married a UNC fan (I know - how could he?) and I got them one of those House Divided flags with the wolfpack on one half & tarheels on the other half.