Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And so it continues...

The medical drama, that is.

But hey, at least this time it's not my medical drama!

Yeah, apparently Mom's in the hospital again. 

And she didn't tell me about it...again.

She went in because she thought she was having heart trouble again.  But they did another catheterization on her today, and her heart is okay. (Praise God!!!) So they think she could be having bad esophagus spasms.  My grandma (her mom) has had those several times, and there were two or three times she thought she was having a heart attack, so it definitely makes sense.  The doctors are doing a CT Scan tomorrow to check it out, and if that's the case, she can get a medicine for it, and help it with her diet.  So there's a chance she'll go home tomorrow, but I don't know.

But you know how I found out?

I got a call from my (now former) seizure/neurology doctor's partner office, the adult neurology clinic, about setting up an appointment for me to come in and see someone about these horrendous migraines.  They had something open next Wednesday the 24th, and so I told them I'd call and ask my mom if she thought I should take it and if she could get that day off of work (she used to have it off, but it became a weather make-up day from the storm/flooding in late September).  I called her cell phone several times, and she didn't answer.  I figured that was normal - she was probably still at work, but I really needed to get back to the scheduling lady before they closed, so I called her school office.  The receptionist told me she didn't come in today.  (At that point, I was thinking WHAT?)  So I called Chelsea and asked where Mom was.

Chelsea: Why?
Me: Cause I need to talk to her.
Chelsea: Um...she can't...come to the phone right now.
Me: Why???
Chelsea: Cause she's in the hospital with heart problems.

Yeah, what a way to find out, huh?  And Chelsea was like...totally calm.  Then she was like "Uh, I gotta go." and hung up, so I called my friend who lives upstairs because I was freaking out.  Thankfully, about five seconds after my friend showed up, Chelsea called and gave me the update that she was okay.

Hooray for Mom being okay!

And also, hooray that I don't have to wait till after finals to see someone about these horrendous migraines!  My grandma said that she'd come pick me up Wednesday morning and then drive me up to Raleigh so that we could get something to eat before the appointment, and so she wouldn't have to pick me up Tuesday night, drive me home to Swansboro, and then turn around and drive me up to Raleigh the next day.  Of course, staying an extra night here at Campbell isn't cool, but I'll take it to save two weeks of having no help with these headaches!

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