Friday, November 5, 2010

So glad to be home.

Even if Chelsea's slightly manic and Mom's in a bad mood.

I'm still happy to be home.

Blake's still got some hives, but the purpleness is gone, and his personality is generally back to normal.

And he's 8 months old today!

I've got homework to do, but mostly?

I'm just counting the hours till my PICC-line-removal appointment. :)

Right now we're at 63 hours and 53 minutes. :)

Yes, I'm that excited.

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  1. You may remember that I read your blog but don't comment often (my work computer doesn't let me & that's when I usually read it). I wanted to say that my goodness it feels like you have a LOT of tests! I don't remember that many when I was in college. But maybe it's like childbirth & the memory gets suppressed as you get older. Not that I've ever had childbirth. Heh.