Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Random Stuff From Today

How's that for a title?  Finals week blows my creativity to shreds.

My skull is bruised.  So all progress that the Botox injections had been making (YAY!) is temporarily for naught.  I can literally feel my head throb every time I take a step.  Which is fun.  You know, if you're a masochist.  But I'm counting my blessings; the doctor said if Austin hadn't been there with me when it happened and known what to do, I probably would have fractured my skull.

I got a little less than four hours of sleep last night, which was about as good as I could have hoped for.  And I felt better than I expected about my final this morning, so that's a plus.  I was the last one to finish, which is highly unusual for me, but that gave me the opportunity to talk to Dr. Thornton for a few minutes afterwards.  He gave back our second book reviews today, as is his normal, and I got a 97 on my Russian book review!  That made me happy enough by itself, because I was so unsure when I was writing it if I was doing it correctly.  But then Dr. Thornton said, "I've read a lot of reviews over the years on a lot of books, and after reading this and your Hitler review, I have to say, your facility for's unusual.  And you say it comes naturally to you, but skill like that, it's something you have to work at."  That thrilled me.  A compliment from him means more to me than one from just about anyone else at this school.

I didn't start studying for tomorrow's final until after dinner tonight (because I took a very long nap after I ate lunch after my final this morning).  I should probably be more worried about it than I am...but I'm not.  Senioritis.

I went to go get a snack from the Groc tonight, and I decided to go stop by Austin's room since it's right nearby to say hi and thank him for everything last night.  I knocked on his door, and he yelled "Come in!  Austin's brothel!" o_O  Well there's a welcome I've never gotten before.  Before I could even open the door, he opened it and looked at me, and then me and the three guys that were hanging out in his room busted out laughing.  That boy is such a dork.  It was interesting to get to see a new side of him, though.  Guys are always different when you catch them in a group of their guy friends.

I get to have lunch with Jayshawn and dinner with Austin tomorrow.  Happy and more happy.  And Clayton and I are gonna plan a Reformation reunion supper next semester.  So yeah, I don't think the friendships I made with my brothers are going anywhere anytime soon. :)

Jay (yes, the British boy) and I have been messaging back and forth since last night.  We haven't talked in quite a while because things have been so crazy with me, so it made me happy to have the chance to catch up with him.  And then he does things like call me "my love" and my heart gets that fluttery feeling all over again.  I know it shouldn't, but some things you just can't control.

Oh, and I don't get to go to church on Sunday.  I am going to the State basketball game and a Queen musical in Raleigh on Saturday after my final with Mom and Holly, so I have to check out then.  Of course, the only reason I'm going is because neither my mom's boyfriend nor her best friend were available.  Isn't it great when you find out you were third choice for something the person inviting you knows you would LOVE?  Sigh.  One more day with my family.  I hope God is up to something.  I'm tired of every time I leave school and go "home" being the same old thing.  I'm ready to be different.

Also, tomorrow's high is 75 and Friday's high is 79.  That's December 5th and 6th.  I'll be wearing shorts.  In December.  Because this is North Carolina and nothing makes sense.

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