Sunday, December 1, 2013

Here we go!

One more day of class tomorrow.  I have to say goodbye to my Reformation brothers. :'( Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reading day Tuesday.

International Political Economy final Wednesday at 8 am.

American Foreign Relations since 1898 final Thursday at 12 pm.

Packing/prepping to leave day Friday.

Presidency final Saturday at 8 am. (I really hate this whole Saturday exams business they started last year.)

Then, depending on whether or not Dr. Thornton has decided to do a take home final for Model UN and how he plans for us to turn it in, I will either be leaving Sunday afternoon after church (because I need one more Sunday with my Theater Church family, especially since I was gone for so long) or Monday afternoon after I finish whatever needs to be done with that final, which is scheduled for next Monday at 12 pm.

I'm ready for next week to get here.  I have my appointment with my ENT next Tuesday, where she will either decide to schedule an ultrasound to confirm the X-ray finding (the hospital in Nashville faxed the report over) or, considering my history of thyroid tumors, just go ahead and schedule surgery.  I am ready to know what is going to happen with that. (Patience, I know!)  Then, Thursday I fly to Texas!  AH!  Then I'll spend the next several weeks working my tail off on grad school applications and the papers I didn't get finished for this semester's work.  (God bless my professors.)  And move-in for the spring semester is Sunday, January 5th.  My last semester!!! :D

So December?  Let's go.  You better bring it.

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