Monday, December 2, 2013

Bye, Monday.

We didn't have Reformation today.

I did get to see some of my Reformation brothers outside, though, which is where they told me it was canceled.

And then I had 3 seizures in half an hour in front of them.  Which means I missed the lunch with the State Department diplomat that I was so looking forward to.  I thank God for my brothers every day.  They never cease to astound and humble me.

I'm so tired.

So tired that even though I have my first and hardest final Wednesday at 8 am, I haven't even really been able to study.  Thank God for whoever came up with the concept of a Reading Day.

And family stuff is a mess, worse than it's been in a while.  I have to go home Sunday afternoon because Thornton did make my Model UN final a take-home, and Mom is going to be in Raleigh this weekend anyway, so it's just easier for her and Mommom.  Which means 24 more hours away from my real home.

I'm watching the Seahawks/Saints NFL game.  Because Taylor really did turn me into a NFL fan.  Like, I actually have a Super Bowl prediction and watch teams play that I have no attachment to.  Though I do have a slight attachment to the Seahawks, because their quarterback is a beloved former Wolfpack QB. :)

Today was...a Monday.  I won't miss it.

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