Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All good.

Going to try to sum this up as quickly as possible.

Surgery didn't start until 2:30. Not surprising, that's how the medical field works, but also not fun to wait 2.5 extra hours.

I was awake in recovery by 4:30, discharged around 6:00. Impressively quick.

Doc told Mom I'm a medical phenomenon. Not the first time I've heard that. She said she's done thousands of thyroid surgeries and has never seen one grow back at all, let alone find a perfect little right half of one like she did during my surgery.  I've yet to hear of a medical professional who has actually seen this happen before.

She had to make a new incision. I had the same one for the other two surgeries and even though she told me she was going to use the same one, she told Mom that once she started, she just thought it would be too risky. The new incision is right at the base of my neck where it runs into my chest, so it should heal up okay.
I feel about as good as can be expected. Imagine the worst sore throat that you have ever had and then multiply that by 50. Thank God I have popsicles and soup.

My whole head and neck hurt. But I'm good. My anxiety was much lower than usual, and it was helped by the fact that Pastor Sean drove all the way to Kinston from Dunn (a good 2.5 hours) just to pray with me.
Thanks for the prayers. They are felt and appreciated. Continue to pray for pain management and healing.

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