Monday, December 9, 2013

Ways God showed up today.

Without fail, I can't spend more than 48 hours in this house without my sinuses deciding to stage a revolt.  God bless the makers of Sudafed and NyQuil.

I've made it through another day (pretty much, since Chelsea is in bed, Mom is watching TV, and I'll have my headphones in working on papers) without losing my cool, so I'm very grateful for that.

I also managed to get the arm of my glasses replaced.  It's very weird to have a burgundy arm when the rest of my glasses is orange, but I'd rather have it look like this than worry about my glasses coming untaped while I'm in Texas this weekend.

Oh, and my right eye has been turning in really badly lately (as you can probably tell in the pictures I've posted), so when we were getting my glasses fixed, we decided to set up an appointment for me.  The doctor at the clinic that I've seen basically since we moved to Swansboro when I was 4 has cut her time, and she is taking a 3-week trip in January, so she was pretty much booked well into February.  Or so we thought.  The receptionist checked while we were talking and she found (and confirmed) that my doctor has one afternoon that she is in office, the day after Christmas of all things, and she had one appointment left that day.

And my friends...oh my sweet friends.  They're angels.  That's all I can really say.

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