Monday, February 4, 2013

Start with ants, end with blood.

Also titled: I'm pretty sure this isn't what The Bangles had in mind when they wrote "Just Another Manic Monday."

Today was......exhausting.

I woke up and started eating breakfast only to find that ants had completely infested my food closet, including the box of cereal that I was in the middle of eating out of.  Ants ants everywhere.  And here's the thing, unless we're talking about babies - real, live, human babies - I do not do well with anything that crawls.  So six thousand ants crawling all over half my room FREAKED. ME. OUT.  So I sort of went into panic mode killing all that I could and then got dressed and then had to wait for the Physical Plant to open at 8 to call them.  And then I sat there for an hour and a half because they said they were on their way, and then they never showed, so I called them back on the way to go to tutor someone and they said "we'll get there as soon as we can" but the guys knew so I just had to "trust" that they'd come and take care of it.  Campbell is really bad at doing what they say they'll do when they say they'll do it, so I wasn't too keen on trusting them when ants were everywhere, but I had to leave.

So then I packed everything up, including my books for my afternoon classes and my laptop and left to go to tutor a kid who seemed like he could not have been less interested in being there.  But I made it through an hour and earned my wage, so yay for that, I guess.  But then I got a nosebleed.  So boo.  Still don't know why that happened.

And then I went to the Oasis where I knew I was supposed to meet Ryann for lunch, but she didn't show up until almost 12:45.  Good thing I was planning on hanging out there until my 2:00 class (which is in a building right near the Oasis) anyway, since I was not going back to my room.  I spent most of the time I was there working on a color-coded spreadsheet of my weekly schedule because with all the tutor jobs I've gotten, that's what I've resorted to to keep it straight.  So I guess that didn't really matter that Ryann took a while.

Then, I went to Phonetics and got completely embarrassed by my struggle with this class (in my head, anyway, they're too nice to say anything).  But then again, the only other student in the class is a girl who just got back from living in Paris for a semester, so I guess it's to be expected that she's so much better than me.

Then one really awesome thing happened and I found out Public Policy was canceled, so I was done for the day, and I got back to my room and found out that Maintenance had indeed shown up.  I've never been so happy to smell ant killer chemicals in my life!

Then I ate dinner, finally found another ride to Walmart tomorrow thanks to my absolutely wonderful friend Morgan, and went to work at the Tutoring Center, and for the sixth straight shift, not one person needed my help.  So I did my French homework and played Solitaire and listened to music.

And here's where today got really fun.   I started getting ready to get in the shower, so I took off my foot brace.  I unwrapped the Ace bandage and the gauze that were covering up the sterile pad on the blister on my leg.  Now, every day for the past few days, when I pulled the pad off, it was covered in fluid you'd expect from a healing blister, and the skin would bubble a few drops of blood like it was just irritated from me removing the pad.  Sounds pretty normal, right?  Well, today, I pulled the pad off, and that blister started gushing blood.  Like pouring to the point that there was a paper towel literally right next to me, and blood was running down my leg and onto my other leg before I could grab it and get it on there.

I spent 5 minutes with my leg in the air talking to Mom while freaking out before it finally stopped bleeding.  But now I get to make another trip to the infirmary tomorrow because we're both slightly concerned it might be getting infected, and also it's not healing, so there's something going on.  Mom says they might tell me to stop wearing the brace, which makes me nervous because walking is still already painful with the brace.  This whole mess is giving me fits.

Basically, I'm just glad today is over and I can watch Castle and go to bed.  I'm also incredibly thankful that God's mercies are new every morning, because there is hope that tomorrow will be better.

Oh, and this is just for kicks.

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