Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just when I think my week can't get any crazier.

I end up in the ER.


I woke up feeling fine.

I got ready for class feeling fine.

I went to French feeling fine.

Then Ryann and I were leaving French, we walk halfway down the sidewalk and it was like someone snapped their fingers and BAM! the whole world started spinning.

Ryann flagged down a Campus Safety guy, and they took me to the infirmary.  My pulse was in the 140s most of the time, my heart was pounding, the room was still spinning.  And then my legs started tingling.  The kind of tingling like when you prop your feet up for too long...except I'd either been sitting or lying flat.  My feet were not propped up.  And then the uncontrollable body shakes started.  That was when they called the paramedics.  The doc said I needed to get further checked out (um, duh).

In the ambulance, the paramedics found out that my blood sugar was 62.  Which makes absolutely no sense because I took my medicine and ate the same breakfast I eat every morning.  The hospital pumped me full of what amounted to sugar water for a while and I just sat there.  And sat there.  And sat some more.  And then the doc finally gave me some Dilaudid because my head is much, much worse.

She ordered a CT of my head to make sure my shunt was okay, an EKG and a chest X-ray to make sure my heart was okay despite it still beating rather rapidly, and a spine X-ray to make sure the hardware in my lower back hadn't moved or been damaged because she said irritated spinal nerves would be the best explanation for my legs tingling since nothing else seemed to be wrong.  And then she gave me more Dilaudid because I was in so much pain.  Yay Dilaudid.

So um, long story short: all the tests came back normal.  Irritated spinal nerves came from, of course, my walk changing because of my ankle/foot problem.  She's referred me to a local pain management clinic to see if they can help with these headaches by maybe writing me a Dilaudid prescription since it's the only thing that helps anymore.  And if by Monday my head is still getting worse, I get to call my neurologist back.

Good news though:  they took me to the new hospital that just opened a few weeks ago and I LOVED it.  It was so much nicer than Betsy Johnson, and I will never go there again now that this place is open.  The ER doc was the first one I've ever had that didn't fight me about giving me Dilaudid (she said "I figure you know your body better than I do" amen, sister).  I had several friends to text to pray, and they all checked in on me.  When my cell phone died, I was able to use the hospital phone in my room to call Mom and Ryann and a couple other people.  I felt the prayers for peace wash over me that took away the fear I had felt in the beginning.  Ryann was sweet enough to get my RA to let her in my room and then get a ride to come bring me my phone charger and some food, and then get another ride to come pick me up when I got discharged so I didn't have to pay Campus Safety.  (I have the greatest best friend ever, seriously).  A certain friend that I talked to only had 5 minutes until his class started, but he told me he didn't mind being late if I needed to talk to him, and then he prayed over me right there on the phone.  I am so blessed.  God was so good and faithful to get me through yet another scare, and to send my friends along to keep me company even from afar and encourage me while I was there.

Here's where the day gets really frustrating.  I got back to Campbell about 6:00, ate dinner and took a shower.  I have a massive test in International Relations tomorrow at 8:00, a World Religions quiz at 9:00, and a Public Policy paper due at 3:00.  I was planning on studying and writing that today, but of course today was blown, so that means I spent several hours tonight finishing the study guide for the test and reviewing for the quiz. It's 11:37 pm and I'm in so much pain and so tired (4 mg of Dilaudid will knock even me down) but I have to write this stupid paper because I won't have time to do it tomorrow.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday.  Okay, back to work.

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