Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Miracles happen.

I wanted to post this now because I'm not sure how much I'll feel like getting on the computer for the next few days.

I'll cut right to the chase.

My mom is on her way up.

We're headed to my neurologist.

I have IV therapy scheduled for this afternoon, tomorrow, and Thursday.

Praise the Lord, for He is so, so very good.  And may He bless my sweet mom who is sacrificing so much to get me the help I need.  Just like she always has.

Miracles happen, people.  This is proof.  To get me this therapy now when I wasn't expecting to be able to get it, to have my mom agree to miss work for this even though it's risky for her, to have the insurance approve it within hours, that the infusion center had openings for today, tomorrow, and Thursday.  God's handiwork is written all over this.

I am so blessed.  There aren't words.

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