Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I'm not sleeping as much as I expected to be, but I do feel very, very drained and think it's a good thing that I cleared my whole schedule for the week.

A huge good sign is that both today and yesterday, I've been feeling some improvement in my pain, which is great because my sweet nurse, Julie, said that most patients don't start to feel relief until after the full treatment is done, and I still have one more day to go, so to have some improvement already is great.

I tell ya, though, it's no wonder I'm so exhausted.  This infusion consists of nine different drugs, almost all of which are known for making you drowsy.  The funniest part about yesterday was as we were leaving, Mom looked at me and said, "I love how everyone else is walking out of here like they've been given horse tranquilizers, yet you look like someone just gave you an Oxycodone."  Tolerance build-up, gotta love it.  I've had almost all of these drugs before, just not all at the same time.

Here's what is in my glorious cocktail (with descriptions provided from this nifty little sheet the Infusion Center gave me):

Ativan - used for sedation and anxiety; also has slight anti-nausea properties

Benadryl - ....who doesn't know what Benadryl is?!

Reglan - has anti-emetic effects that help reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting. You may also feel drowsy.

Toradol - a non-narcotic and non-steroidal analgesic and anti-inflammatory used in conjunction with other medicines to treat migraine headaches

DHE 45 - a non-narcotic cardiac classified medicine that is indicated to prevent or abort vascular headaches (meaning it constricts the blood vessels in my brain - and consequently throughout my body - to stop the migraines).

Decadron - a corticosteroid that has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces edema. It is used in conjunction with other medicines also through effective for the treatment of migraine headaches.

Magnesium - used to decrease spasms

Phenergan - anti-nausea medicine that can make you feel drowsy

Zofran - another anti-nausea medicine less sedating than Phenergan

They always give Ativan to me first, and I really like how it instantly relaxes me.  It reminds me of how Dilaudid makes me feel right with they give it to me, just without the all-over-body tingling sensation.  It's pretty nice, I'm usually passed out by the time they give me the Phenergan, and then I sleep straight through until it's over.

So yeah, there's the rundown.  I'm very blessed that I can get this now, and that not only are all my professors being incredibly understanding, but the Tutoring people at Student Services and the people I tutor are, as well.

God is good.  I'm hopeful that this is what's going to work for me and that my life can go back to normal finally.  He's got me, I know this much.

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