Thursday, October 25, 2012

Evidence of God's faithfulness continues.

#1: I can turn my head without cringing.  First time since Sunday morning that's happened.

#2: I went to class today. I only have one class today, so I didn't wear myself out.

#3: I was able to stay awake, be attentive, and participate in that class despite having Dilaudid coursing through my system.  God bless the ER doctor who agreed to write me a prescription for it despite the fact she doesn't normally like to do it.  (And as an aside, funny story, one of the very cute ER nurses, his name was Will, came in with my first dose of IV Dilaudid and he asked me if I'd ever had 2 mg of it before.  I replied that, oh yes, it's my go-to drug, pretty much the only drug I get in dire circumstances such as that anymore and I always ask for 2 mg because 1 mg doesn't do a whole lot, and that I've actually had 3 mg before.  He replied, "Yeah...I'd be dead." And then called me hardcore. Ha!)

#4: Several people texted to check on me, never letting me forget how much they love me.  Ryann, preparing to leave for tournament tomorrow, wanted to know if there was anything I needed her to do.  I am amazed at how much the people in my life love me.

#5: That Dilaudid is helping me sleep a lot, something I don't think I'd be doing if I didn't have it because of the pain.

#6: I had a meeting with Dr. Mero this afternoon.  Tomorrow there's supposed to be our midterm exam covering an entire ten-chapter book, the test will consist of two essays, and a two-page paper due.  I called him yesterday morning and left a voicemail explaining what had happened, so he knew why I wasn't in class yesterday.  But since I was able to get up and go to class, I decided to go by his office and see if he'd cut me some slack on the exam/paper because all I've done is sleep since I got back from Duke Tuesday night.  He said of course, he would, told me to get him the paper whenever I could get it done, and agreed to let me make up the test Wednesday after class, giving me ample time to prepare it.  I said, "So I shouldn't even bother coming to class tomorrow," and he immediately replied, "No, sleep.  Seriously.  Sleep."

#7: I've barely thought about the blood tests I'm waiting on today, and when I did think about them, I wasn't scared or nervous or anxious.  Maybe I'm in denial and forcing myself to be positive, but I really feel like God is telling me they're going to be clean.  Which then, of course, means no one knows why I'm in this much pain for so long, but still.  I have PEACE.

I think I'll stop with 7.  That's God's perfect number, His sign of completion.  All things considering, today was a good day.

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