Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh Duke, long time no see.

And I was kinda hoping it'd stay that way.

But yeah, I didn't blog last night because I left for Duke's ER about 8:00 pm.

And here it is 7 pm the next day, and I'm back in my dorm.

I've slept about 2 hours out of the last 36, so all I want to do is take a long hot shower, dope myself up on pain and nausea meds, and sleep until I have to get up for class tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will post all the details, but just know that for now I am fine.  I am waiting on a few questions to be answered, but God will get me through whatever it is, no doubt.  The past 24 hours were full of evidence of His presence.

Like I said, details about the whole trip will come tomorrow.  For now all I can think is "shower, dry hair, sleep."

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