Saturday, October 20, 2012

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

First things first:  I think I'm finally starting to mend from this nasty virus that's had me down and out for the past week.  I still took a super-long nap this afternoon, but I've been more productive today than I have in the past week combined, so I'll take it.

Now, the cool thing about today.

I mentioned in this post on Thursday that I had a meeting this morning that could open up some doors for me.  Now that it's over, I can tell you what it was.  I met up with Pastor Sean and his wife, Carla, so I could tell them my story.  On the 7th, my first Sunday at Theater Church, Sean told the congregation that they were always looking for people to share testimonies during Sunday service, like a 3-5 minute glimpse into how God has worked in their lives.  Y'all know what a passion God has given me for telling my story to people, so I naturally jumped at the chance.  Due to our crazy schedules, this was the first time that the three of us could get together.

So we met up this morning for coffee (hot chocolate for me since I hate coffee), and we sat and talked.  I told them pretty much everything, abridging just enough that we wouldn't be sitting there all day.  Sean asked a couple questions, but it was mostly just me talking for a little over an hour.  Now, keep in mind that I was just expecting Sean to give me permission to speak during the service one Sunday.

Instead, when I was done, Sean looked up at me and asked, "Would you be comfortable videotaping that?"

I know I looked relatively calm on the outside, but on the inside, I was freaking out.  He went on to say that he didn't want to make me cut any of my story out because it is so full of evidence of God's faithful hand on me, that he couldn't expect me to cut all of that down to 3-5 minutes.  Then, he said that by putting it on video, they could make copies and give them to struggling people in the church or community, and they could play it at larger events, and he could make me some copies to have for my personal keeping.

I don't even know how to begin to describe the awe I felt after hearing Sean's offer/request/response to everything that I'd told him.  I knew how much I loved telling people about God's work in my life, but I never expected him to have that strong of a reaction to it, to see it as worthy of a bigger opportunity than anyone else's story.  I never saw my story or my life as any more special than anyone else's, just a tad bit more complicated.  So to hear Sean say what he did, to realize that he saw how much my life is a testimony to God's faithfulness, to have yet another confirmation that I could affect people with my words and the story that God gave me, well, it's just about put me in tears reliving it all.

The timing couldn't have been better.  The past few weeks have been spent seriously contemplating using my story for something bigger to bring God the glory He rightfully deserves.  Throughout this, throughout talks with a few people who know my story in depth and know my heart for doing something with it, I've been praying for God to open a door for me.

This is the door.  I just know it.  This is the first step to me publicly ministering to people with the gifts and the life that God gave me.  And I couldn't be more thrilled.  God is so good, and He has been so faithful to bring me through the fires that I've survived.  It's my job to share that with the world.  It's my job to reach out to the people who are scared of God or churches or both and tell them that I get it, I get what it's like to be terrified of the one thing everyone keeps telling you is the best thing for you.  It's my job to tell my story to anyone who will listen, and in the process, maybe restore their faith that miracles still happen.

This life was never about me, anyway.  All of the strength, all of the kindness, all of the good things that my friends see in me and compliment me for are HIM.  Every bit of this is Him.  I'll do whatever He asks me to do with this story because it's all His.  He is and will always be my faithful, loving, Heavenly Father, and all I want is to make Him proud.  I am honored that God has chosen me to be His vessel, and I'm so excited to tell the world of the kind of miracles He's capable of.

So God, since I know you're listening, keep the surprises coming.  I'm all in.

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