Wednesday, October 3, 2012

That moment when music makes you cry.

Okay, so I really have nothing to say about my day today, because the only major thing that happened was the Campbell Democrats Watch Party, and I try really, really hard not to get political on this blog because some of my dear friends are Republicans, and I just don't feel like dealing with a debate.

So instead, I'm posting recordings of two Glee covers.  (I know, bear with me here.)  They're covers of Taylor Swift's "Mine" and Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream".  Um yeah.  I never ever thought any version of those two songs would make me cry.  These did.  Then again, tomorrow's episode, which has these two songs in it, is titled "The Break-Up" so I guess it's fitting.  Anyway, I've been listening to them on repeat for the past day or two, and I still get goosebumps every time I listen to them.

This is why I love music.  This is why I love the modern age.  Because there are people and shows out there that take music you hear every day on the radio and put new spins on it.  I never could've imagined these two songs being sung like this.  I don't care if you hate Glee, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry; I don't know how you could listen to these and tell me they're not good.  The fact that Naya Rivera and Darren Criss have amazing voices is just icing on the cake; the style and arrangements are unexpected and genius.

I'm going to go buy stock in paper towels now (Kleenex irritate my nose) because if just the recordings are making me tear up, I imagine I'm going to be a blubbering mess when they're in context in the episode tomorrow.

It's okay.  You can call me weird.  I've accepted it.

Normal is boring, anyway. ;)

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