Monday, October 15, 2012

Another late night ER run.

It's 4:33 am, and I just got back from the ER about 20 minutes ago.

Turns out, a bad stomach virus caused all of the same symptoms that I had when I had pancreatitis in April.

I'm thankful for several things, though:
- an RA in my dorm being on duty and offering to come to the hospital with me so I didn't have to be alone
- that friend keeping me entertained while it took forever for the doctor to come see me and get me meds
- the doctor actually listening to me when I told him Dilaudid and Phenergan were the only meds that would help me
- Dilaudid and Phenergan
- kind paramedics, nurses, and hospital staff
- it not being pancreatitis, as that would require another hospital admission
- that same RA/friend offering to lend me the money to get my prescriptions for pain and nausea relief filled and letting me pay her back at the end of the month when Mom gives me money and to drive me to the pharmacy before class
- Campus Safety having vans to come pick us up at the hospital at 4 am
- my 12:30 class being canceled, meaning I don't have class until 2 pm
- prayers of friends and strangers alike, thanks to the power of social media
- for the first time that I can remember, not once being scared or worried because I felt the prayers being sent and the overwhelming peace that only God can give throughout the whole night

God is good.  I appreciate any prayers you offer up on my behalf for a quick and full recovery.  I've got a lot of work to do.  Thanks, y'all.

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