Saturday, October 13, 2012

Celebrating my best friend.

What a great Saturday.

I didn't get out of bed until the afternoon, which was exactly what I needed.  Because I knew that I was coming back to school tonight and would thus have all day tomorrow to do work, I didn't bring an ounce of schoolwork home with me.  And man, did it feel good.  I'm fairly certain I haven't had a day without any schoolwork since school started almost eight weeks ago.  I really needed the time to just chill.  I should've hung out with Mom more, but she understood that it wasn't because I didn't want to, I just wanted time to lay in bed and be lazy.

So yeah, I didn't get out of bed until 2:00, and it felt awesome.  And then Mom made me bacon and a roastie (shredded potatoes and onions fried in a pan with oil and salt, so unhealthy but SO GOOD).  Then, she got a shower and I finished packing (agh, I left my Bible at home!), and we left about 4:00.  I got this absolutely adorable picture with Blake before we left, though.

Sigh.  That kid so totally has my heart.  Anyway, with a couple stops along the way, we got here about 6:30 and got to see the end of the Men's Soccer game.  They won 5-2!  Heck yeah.

We ended up losing to Liberty in overtime 2-1.  Boo.  Ryann didn't play because of her knee (saving strength for the tournament makes sense), but the freshman that was in goal did a really good job!  Even if we had won, though, the best part of the night for me still wouldn't have been the game.  Although, I did love cheering for her when the seniors had their recognition at halftime.

Getting Mom and Ryann together is always so freaking cute.  I hope that when I have kids, I'm as good as my mom is at making their friends feel like part of the family.  I LOVE that not only does Mom adore Matt and Ryann, my two best friends, but they adore her, too.  I mean, Mom and Ryann have been around each other maybe three or four times, and tonight, Mom informed Ryann that she has to come home with us for Easter weekend so we can all spend a long weekend at the beach.  How sweet is that?!

Here's the pictures I managed to get tonight.

Ryann with the seniors' cake.  That thing was about six inches thick.  Awesome.

It's kind of blurry (boo cell phone cameras) but my best friend is so pretty and I love how happy she was to see Mom.

:)  This is totally my new cover on Facebook.

Ryann and one of her many adoring fans with the cake. ;)

Taylor, me, and Ryann.  Taylor is one of Ryann's roommates and we've become friends through her.  Gorgeous girls and wicked talented athletes, but they're even nicer than they are pretty or talented!

This was the point when I realized I'd pretty much become Ryann's personal photographer.  This is Taylor, Cissy (their other roommate) and Ryann.

I don't know why Mom isn't smiling but it still makes me happy.  Ryann's definitely daughter #4 now. :)

I just love Ryann.  We're sisters, it's that simple.  She is a complete and total rockstar, and I was so proud to be there to celebrate her and the other amazing seniors on this year's team.  I have said it before, and I will say it again:  I am so blessed to have her in my life and so thankful and proud to be her best friend.

Nights like this, people like her, they make me so happy I feel like my heart could explode!  I love it.

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