Thursday, June 14, 2012

Surprises like this make awesome birthday presents.

Well, um, if I had to sum up today in one (compound!) sentence, I would say this: Most of the day was really boring, but from about 4:30 onward, it got more and more interesting.

Okay, here's the details.

Work was good.  I showed up half an hour early, ha! I don't know why I'm like this.  I got to fill out the required TFAS contract with MC, and then I spent all day going through more of that database.  When we get through these almost 10,000 "sub-companies", we get to do almost 3,000 "prime companies" (don't ask me what they mean, I don't know), so it looks like I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the summer.  On the plus side, MC said I could do my internship from 8:30-4:30 instead of 9:00-5:00, thus giving me more time to get back and eat before class at 6:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  So yay for that.

On the way out of work (ah! I actually have a job! I feel like an adult now!), I got stopped for the second day in a row by a worker from Children International, a program very similar to Compassion that's just not Christian-based from what I understand.  Yesterday was a girl, today was a cute guy!  I told him I got stopped yesterday, but he still tried to drag me into a conversation.  I listened for a second, and then I offered him a compromise so I could get back in time to eat.  I gave him my phone number, and told him if he called me, I'd be happy to listen to him, I just couldn't then.  (You'll see in a bit why this adds to my interesting night.)

I got back to my room with dinner about 5:20, so I had much more time to eat than yesterday.  Then, I went to class where we spent almost the entire 3 hours discussing socialism, Marx/Marxism, Lenin, Stalin, and economists who knew even then those dictators were crazy.  It was FASCINATING.  I've never really been big on economics, but this class is really great.  I love the professor.  And this just made me that much more adamant that people who call Obama a socialist are idiots and should not do that.  But let's not talk about politics.

Then I came back and putzed around for a bit.  This is where the night gets really amazing, in a surprising way.  About 9:40, I finally got up the nerve to call "that friend" that told me they needed "space" about three weeks ago because the seemingly unending silence was driving me nuts.  It's been weighing on me every day, but I just can't take it getting in my way mentally here.  AND THIS PERSON ANSWERED.  And we talked it out.  This person said exactly what I expected them to say, including telling me to quit apologizing because they were never mad.  They got to explain their side, I got to explain my side and my heart, and best news of all, I got my friend back!  God is so good and SO faithful.  Not only did He answer my prayer to make this agonizing silence end so I could get closure, whether this person and I were still friends at the end didn't matter, He also answered my secondary prayer to let me keep a friend that I care about so very much.  And just in time for my birthday.  :D  But anyway, we talked, I cried, that mess is finally resolved.

THEN, as if the night could actually be better, that cute guy from this afternoon contacted me, and we set up plans to meet up tomorrow morning at 9:30 before he has to be at work at 11:00.  I was surprised he got up with me, he looked kind of like I was crazy when I offered to give him my phone number. :)

Then I ran into the only one of my roommates who didn't go out to party, and we ended up talking for about 20 minutes in which I explained to her the full story (as quickly as possible) on making up with that friend, and why it was so important to me.

And then, I got in the shower, and we have our hot water back!  Which is pretty much the icing on my cake of an awesome day.

And holy crap, I didn't take a single picture today. AND my birthday is in 10 minutes!

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