Sunday, June 10, 2012

One word to sum up Day 1.


Moving things is bad enough by itself.  Moving things up into a tiny little apartment on a hill with no close parking and it's 90 degrees and very sunny outside is worse.

I thought I was going to melt just gettg my stuff in.  And then Mom and I ended up having to rearrange the furniture in the room because they put the beds in front of the only ethernet cord plug, which just made us sweat more.  Luckily my roommate, Jody, didn't show up till the end of the move-in block of time, so I had time to get it all basically organized before she brought all her stuff in.  Because this room is TINY.  I was an idiot and didn't look to see which double room was bigger before I loaded all my stuff into one.  Oh well, we fit, it works.  It's definitely going to be interesting, though, because other than Chelsea from like 1998-2000, I've never shared a room before.  But all 5 of us girls seem to get along well, so it's nice.

That hotel bed last night was AMAZING.  I slept like a rock.  And Mom ordered room service and it was delicious and good sized portions.  We got down to the lounge where I had to check in about 10:45, and there was already a crowd there, so it was good we got there early, but we also had a while to wait.  Check in started at 12.  It took us till 2:00 to get through check-in and then move all of my stuff here.  Rachel, one of the girls I live with, was nice and brought me a pillow because I forgot to bring one, and she lives about 30 minutes away, so it was easy for her to stop somewhere and get one.  Mom and I unpacked my clothes to get the giant suitcases out of the way for when Jody showed up, but she left the rest for me and we went to Subway because we were hungry, and went by the bookstore to get a couple water bottles.  She left about 3:15.

I came back to the apartment for a bit, and then Annie, Jody, and I went to our institute's orientation.  That was from 4:00-5:00, and then we basically just came back and unpacked more and hung out until an ice cream social at 8:30.  These are the only two pictures I took there.  I was having too much fun talking to people.

This is Ben.  He's fun.  Jody and I spent most of our time talking to him.

This is Remley.  She's the ICPES (my institute) program adviser.  Kind of the TFAS version of a Resident Assistant.  She's very sweet and helpful, and she did the institute last summer, so she gives great advice.

I hung out there till about 10:00, then I came back and took a shower to get rid of the six-inch layer of sweat that was covering my body.  It felt FANTASTIC.  Then I had a few containers to organize, and then I've just hung out.

Internships don't start till Wednesday, so tomorrow I'm going to explore. Honestly, the only thing I'm nervous about is handling this physically, but I'll get used to it.  Plus, I'm incredibly stubborn, so I can push my way through anything. :)

Good night, world. This is the start of a beautiful adventure.


  1. You will love Georgetown! I had a bunch of friends go there and it was always fun to visit. You can get some cool pocketbooks from the vendors in the street and I gave to remember the name of the cool sushi restaurant. Enjoy DC!

  2. How many kids are in the program? Enjoy yourself!