Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This day was not too shabby.

For some reason, I'm just not in the mood to blog tonight, so you're getting a quick recap of what I did today  plus the pictures I took. Because every blog post is better when there are pictures involved.

7:00 wake up.
Eat breakfast, get ready in business attire, etc. (This takes a long time with 5 girls sharing one tiny bathroom.)
9:00 welcome ceremony.
10:15 a 2+ hour long orientation.
Get soaked on the way to get lunch because it's raining and I didn't check the weather so I forgot an umbrella.
Change clothes.
Watch The Bachelorette.
Go try out the route to my internship.
Find internship.
Meet my supervisors and another intern.
Have a 20+ minute conversation with Matt in the circle outside my internship.
Come back to Georgetown.
Change back into business attire.
7:00 lecture in the same auditorium I was in for the welcome ceremony.
Hobble back to my room because my feet are killing me.
Pack stuff for tomorrow. (ex. change purses because I need a black one tomorrow, I've never used multiple purses at once before!)
And here I am.  Waiting for Alex to call.  About to pass out from exhaustion.  Really, the only complaint I have about all of today is how badly my feet were hurting.  I kind of got confused a couple times while trying to figure out my route to the Navy Memorial, but people were very nice and helped.

Okay, pictures.

what I wore for the business attire fancy morning and evening stuff. there's also a jacket to make it a business suit, but I didn't put it on until I got to the auditorium this morning. It's way too hot to walk outside in long sleeves!

Okay, here's my route. I walk down the street from Henle, and there is a free Georgetown bus that takes me to...

the Dupont Circle Metro Station (okay, about a block away from the metro station, but still).  I get on the Red Line (the only line at this station) and go three stops and end up...

at the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro Station, where I switch over to the Yellow Line, go one stop south, and end up...

at the Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter Station.  Up the escalators, and about 25% of the way around the circle and I arrive at...

my internship! The United States Navy Memorial and Heritage Center. :)  Since I was there, and it was still open, I decided to go in and check it out.  

This is just a couple pictures of the main floor (the offices, etc. are downstairs).  It was really pretty!

Even though it's hard to see (I didn't realize the picture turned out so dark until I uploaded it! Sorry!), I loved seeing the models of ships.

This is the auditorium where the welcome ceremony and the lecture were held.  I only took a picture of the sign because I think the name is funny.  As Haley said, "They don't pick easy names for anything at Georgetown!"

Yep, that about sums up my day.  I'm so excited to start my internship tomorrow!  The people I met seem really nice. :)

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