Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blessings are everywhere.

Today was full of surprises.

Let's start from the early morning, shall we?

Well, this didn't actually happen today, it happened yesterday, but it's still awesome and since I was exhausted last night and didn't actually blog about the day, I want to record it - consider it a bonus.  I got to have this really nice chat with Matt, and he basically told me to quit apologizing for the mistakes I made with him in the past.  He doesn't even care about all the times I took him for granted and treated him like crap.  He's an incredible best friend, the exact kind of best friend I needed in my darkest points, and he's stuck with me, even when he had every reason to leave.  That's love.  I can't believe this August it'll be TEN YEARS since we met!

Number one, I didn't actually pull an all-nighter.  I climbed into bed just before 3:00, and I dragged myself out of bed as soon as my brain registered that my alarm was going off at 6:30.  So yay, I actually got a little sleep last night, which I'm pretty sure is a big reason why I even made it through today standing.

Number two, that French Lit test was hard, but not as hard as I expected it to be.  I was (jokingly!) laying the guilt on Dr. Steegar thick beforehand, showing him the 30 pages of notes I made last night while editing through  the unnecessary information in the notes from throughout the semester.

Number three, the essays were easier to answer than the identifications.  The man actually a question from the 1800s test directly on the test.  Like, it was seriously the exact same question.

Number four, I finished that test in an hour and 40 minutes.  I had thought it would for sure take me the full three hours.

Number five, I got my presentation done by 1:00, which meant I got a nap in.  It was only an hour, but it was a nap, nonetheless.

Number six, Pam brought homemade strawberry shortcake and sparkling grape juice to the final this afternoon.  Granted, I didn't like the shortcake because the texture of it felt gross in my mouth, but it was still awesome.  And I liked the grape juice.

Number seven, Louis (the College Democrats president) is going out of his way to come say goodbye to me before he leaves tomorrow. I think that's sweet.

Number eight, last night Alex (from the debate) and I had dinner, and he asked me to have dinner again tomorrow.  (Don't read anything into it. Too tired to explain, just don't read anything into it.)  I texted him today asking if we could go to the cheap Mexican place near my dorm because I have $3.50 left on my meal plan card.  He said that he may or may not be able to make it because he made plans with someone a week or two ago that he'd forgotten about, but now this person may or may not come.  But he promised me that even if we can't have dinner, he'd still drive by and give me a goodbye hug.  He's graduating so who knows if or when we'll get to hang out again, so this was especially important to me.

Number nine, and quite frankly, the coolest one of all, my phone decided to call Taylor tonight while I was trying to text him, and then it wouldn't hang up before it started ringing.  (Side note, is it possible for a cell phone to have a virus?  Because if it is, I'm pretty sure that mine has one.)   He answered, and just laughed it off when I explained that I didn't actually mean to call him.  He asked me how I was, and that turned into this almost 20 minute conversation about all sorts of things.  I absolutely love hearing that man's insight on God and life and family and just everything.  I think he's smarter than he realizes.   Friendship just amazes me.  With all that I feel like he's taught me, he tells me I've taught him just as much.  And he called me a hero - me, I'm someone's hero, I don't think there's anything like hearing that.  He's proud of me.  He believes I can change the world, even if it's just my world.  He says I'm already making a difference to people.  I would give up anything to help that boy or his brother out, and he knows it.  He's the kind of man I want to marry one day, a man who you know would protect you and who would challenge you to be better even if it hurts.

Oh God, I am so blessed.  All those years I went without friends, and in the span of a couple years, He has blessed me with so many friends that are the kind of people that stick with you for the rest of your life.  All I had to do was wait.  And because of what I went through in school, I know how to be a better friend now. I know how to be the good friend to others without crossing lines, I know what to expect out of relationships, I know how to use this heart has given me to be there for the people I love in whatever way they need me to be.  God took all that hurt and, once again, taught me so much.

Today was just...beautiful.

Because I'm sentimental, and I like pictures, I'm ending this post with pictures of just some of the people who make my world better, who make me better.

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  1. Is the man in the second picture the famous Dr. Steegar?