Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Be Still

I've had one Bible verse stuck in my head all day.  I don't know that I've ever had a Bible verse stuck in my head before, so it's kind of interesting.  All that I can think is that this must be God speaking to me, trying to make sure I see the message that I need.  I've been reading my Bible a lot more as of late for the first time in my life, so I guess it makes sense that if it was going to happen, it would happen now.

Do you want to know what verse it is?

"The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still." Exodus 14:14

Be still.

Two simple words, but there is so much packed into that.  How could something so simple be so utterly complicated to actually live out?  I keep begging God to give me peace, yet I'm still so resistant when He finally gives me the opportunity.  I suppose that goes back to my longstanding issue with control, but that's not really my point here.  My point is that after all this time that I've been waiting for God to show me what He wants from me at this stage in my life, I think this is the answer.

I need only to be still.

And I don't mean still in the literal sense.  Of course, I'm going to keep moving.  I think He's telling me to calm my mind and heart and soul.  God is asking me to stop trying so hard, just live my life, and know that He will handle the details.  He truly does care about the details of my life.  I need to quit worrying about what tomorrow will bring, what next year will bring, when certain things are going to happen in my life, just STOP.

My life is so good right now, guys; even with the bad days mixed in, I keep getting happier and happier.  God is asking me to quit questioning why these things are happening, why this happiness has hit me now, why these incredible people have come into my life now.  It's not about the why because in the end, the why doesn't matter.  It's about accepting that it is here and giving Him the praise He deserves.

When I arrive in DC, my life is going to get crazy.  I'm not going to have the time to stop and question why things happen.  All I will be able to do is LIVE IT.  So why not start practicing that now?

Live in the moment.  Quit thinking about the mistakes of the past because they got me to where I am now.  Quit worrying about the future because it's not guaranteed and I don't have a crystal ball.  Enjoy my life for what it is, count my blessings, and give God unending praise and thanks for all that He is and has given me.  My life is pretty amazing, and I need to focus enough to appreciate that.  God is taking care of the details, so I don't have to.  That's why He is God.

This is one of my favorite songs, and it's been on repeat quite a bit the past few days.  I think it has a lot of the same message that I'm trying to get out here.  There's one part in particular that has really stood out to me, though.  I'll put the lyrics underneath the video, and bold the part I'm referring to.  Enjoy.  I hope it speaks to you the way it has spoken to me.  "Psalm 46" by Jenny & Tyler.

The Lord is my refuge and strength.
Therefore, I will not be afraid.
Though the mountains give way
and fall into the sea, 
He will come and rescue me.

The Lord comes to me at break of day.
He reaches down to guide me in His ways.
Though the oceans roar

in this dark and stormy sea,
He will come and rescue me.

Hallelujah, He is with me.
Hallelujah, we cannot be moved.
Hallelujah, He is with me.
Hallelujah, I rest secure.

Be still and know that He is God.
He will be exalted over all.
Come and behold His strength and majesty,
yet He will come and rescue me.

Hallelujah, He is with me.
Hallelujah, we cannot be moved.
Hallelujah, He is with me.
Hallelujah, I rest secure.

Hallelujah, I rest secure.

Be still.  He is God.  He's got this.

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