Sunday, May 27, 2012

There is no one compares with you.

Question: What's the best pick-me-up for a girl who's been stuck in a hole of feeling like she's a bad friend?

Answer: Getting to see the one person who knows her better than anyone else, and the one friend whose love she never has to question. :)

I have to go to Raleigh on Tuesday to see my neurologist.  They want to see me in person to see how the new seizure medicine the hospital doctors put me on after that nasty pancreatitis is working out.  Two weeks ago, when I called to reconfirm the time and date, I followed that up by texting Matt and tell him I will be coming to Raleigh on the 29th to see if we could work it out to see each other, even for just a minute.  I haven't seen that kid since Christmas Day, and now that he lives in Raleigh full-time and I leave for DC in less than two weeks, I don't know when the next time we'll get to see each other will be.

Here's the thing about Matt. The dude works ALL. THE. TIME.  Like, really.  Even when we lived in the same town, it was hard to get up with him because he simply had next to no free time.  So of course, when I first texted him, his response was "I'll have to see what shift I'm working and if they make me come in early."  Actually his response was, "Nope. I don't have vacation time to take a day off yet."  As if I would actually ask him to miss an entire day of work to see me for maybe an hour.  When I reminded him of that, then he said he'd have to check his work schedule.

Last night, I was bored, so I googled the distance between my doctor's office and his restaurant.  As it turned out, they're only 1.5 miles apart.  So I texted him to see what shift he was working and told him if he was at the restaurant before/after my appointment, then I could probably at least convince my grandma to drive by there for a second for me to say hi.  Well, he texted me back this afternoon, and he actually has the whole day off!!! :D  So he's going to meet me and Mommom at my doctor.

Yay.  Just yay.  This is such a perfectly-timed blessing from God.  After that blow-up I talked about last night, there is no person on this planet that can lift my spirits like Matt can.  He's the only person I've ever known (outside of my family) who I know will never leave me; he's flat out told there's nothing I can do to make him give up on me.  I don't know what made God decide to give me a friend like Matt, but I'm so glad  He did.

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  1. So, I misread that first part to mean that your neurologist is "the one person who knows her better than anyone else, and the one friend whose love she never has to question. :)" Reading comprehension fail, anyone? :)