Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today was pretty sweet.

I consider "pretty sweet" a day where I can easily think of more pluses than minuses.

Plus 1: My headache was minimal all day, until after Bible Study.
Plus 2: I had Bible Study.
Plus 3: CUW was canceled because the speaker didn't show up.
Plus 4: Lifetime Wellness was canceled because it was pouring outside.
Plus 5: Dr. Patchell answered his phone when I called him which stopped me from walking all the way across campus to the track in the rain.
Plus 6: I managed to get through translating this French paragraph out loud in class today, even though I completely forgot to do it like I was supposed to for homework.

So yeah.  I'm pretty good.  And feeling more peace than I did yesterday, which is nice. 

Um...that's about all I can think of other than I MUST GO TO SLEEP NOW and PAIN PAIN PAIN BIG PAIN.


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