Monday, March 21, 2011

I should've been named Grace.

Here's part of a text convo between Mom and me today.

Me:  So would you like to know my genius move of the day?  Twisting both of my ankles in a two-hour span.
Mom:  Wow!  You're awesome!  Should've named you Grace.
Me:  Ha.  Like I haven't heard that before.  In my defense, we were outside on uneven ground.
Mom:  Guess what?  Almost all ground is uneven.
Me:  Thank you, smart alec.  But this was in the forest.
Mom: the forest?  Were you dropped off there after an alien abduction?
Me:  No.  Science lab.  We had to walk through the forest to get to a creek.
Mom:  I hope the instructor knows you deserve wilderness survival extra credit points.
Me:  Ha.  I wish.  That'd be lovely.

I love my mom.  I, however, do NOT love Science.  We went out to a creek, and the path we had to take from the road to the creek was rocky and covered in twigs and pine needles so you couldn't see where the bumps were. 

Now, my ankles are MAD.  Infuriated, really.  Walking everywhere tomorrow is gonna be torture, but I'm gonna have to just suck it up.  Why's that? 

Because tomorrow ONEREPUBLIC is coming to Campbell!!!  Every year, Campbell hosts a huge Spring concert, and I'm SO excited that I actually like the band that's here this year. :)  Of course, I can't actually be in the arena where the concert is held because the lights the band uses will make me have a seizure, but I've talked to the campus board who's set up and is organizing the whole thing, so I have permission to hang out in the upstairs lobby where I can still hear the band.  I'm excited! :)


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