Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's 10:17 pm.

Which means I have exactly 16 hours 13 minutes until my grandmother's anticipated arrival (and knowing her need to be early for everything, probably less than that).

This also means that I have 16 hours 13 minutes, 2 classes, and 1 French test standing between me and my beautiful Spring Break.

I can say with absolute certainty that I have never been so excited for a Friday in my entire life.

Completely cliché, I know.  But very, very true.  Especially after my two tests today.  I have officially hit burnt out. 

I don't just want this week off, I need it.

I don't mean to sound full of complaints.  I really don't. 

I'm just tired.

I'm ready to be home.

In my own bed.

With my family.  (Yes, even Chelsea.)

To be able to think about something that doesn't have to do with Buies Creek.

People ask me if I have any big plans for the break.  I tell them, "NOPE. And that's exactly the way I want it."

Of course, I do have a bunch of appointments:  Dr. P in Wilmington for my feet on Monday, dentist and hair on Tuesday, orthodontist (braces off!!) on Wednesday, and migraine doctor in Raleigh on Thursday.  My poor grandma, she's going to be absolutely sick of me and of driving by the end of next week.  This is what happens, though, when you only have one week to fit all your appointments into.

But oh yeah, my Statistics test was fine.  I got a 99, which means I missed one out of 18 (got 4 extra credit points), and I have no idea which one I missed, but oh well.  I got a 104 on the first test, and since test grades are the only things that make up our overall class grade, my average is over 100.  So I think I'm good. ;)

The Science test was...meh.  Average.  I probably got a B like I did last time.  If I get a B I'll be happy.  Science is just not my thing, you know?  And last semester, I got B's on all the tests (also the only thing that makes up the semester grade in this class) and I guess because of my A in lab got an A for the semester, so I'm not concerned.

The French test should be a piece of cake, of course.  I'm not concerned, really.  I'll review before class tomorrow, since I have a huge break between History and French, but really, I just see it as a roadblock between me and Break.  Just one more thing I gotta do.

So yes.  I am packed, save for what I have to use in the morning.  I'm about to hit the sack.  And when I go to bed, I will be smiling. :)

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