Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Okay, scratch that.

More like on fire.

The high was 86 today.  Hot.

Our first day of exercise in Lifetime Wellness was today.  Hot.

Campbell still will not turn on the air conditioning.  HOT!

So I'm kinda freaking miserable right now.

The one highlight of my day was getting to spend time with Amy.  She drove me to WalMart, and we had Bible Study tonight.  We talked about the Vespers show in three weeks, and she told me that she looked up their website and listened to some of their stuff and she likes it, so it won't be torture for her, which made me feel better.  Bible Study was just as wonderful as all the other times have been.  I adore every girl in that group.  :)

Here's hoping that I can sleep tonight, despite it being so dang hot.

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