Friday, March 11, 2011

This is why I hate migraines.

It's Friday night.

On Monday, I have a quiz in History and a lab report due.

I was planning on waking up at a ggood hour and getting everything done for those two classes, plus maybe some grading for Mom done.

That plan went down the toilet when I woke up with this horrendous migraine.

The new medicine I got prescribed yesterday won't be ready till tomorrow because it's a 3-month supply and our pharmacy won't have all of the pills till then.

So I've had to just suffer through it.

And now, I've got to try and suffer through this 38-page chapter, and then I'll probably crash.

Tomorrow, instead of spending time out with Mom, I'll have to work on my lab report.

The good news is that I (finally) started my 1000 Gifts list today, so I've got things to remind myself of how lucky I am. :)  The weirdo in me is kind of excited to see how long it will take me to get to 1000.  I wrote down today's date in my notebook so I won't forget.

Um, that's about it.  Right now, I'm kind of just praying this reading won't hurt too bad.

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