Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Sometimes even though I try and be all strong and not let my health issues get in my way of simply living my life,

sometimes, they do anyway.  And it sucks.

Like tonight, the OneRepublic concert.  They stuck me outside the arena, on an admittedly comfortable couch, but it sucked because I could barely hear the music, and definitely could not understand any of the lyrics to any of the songs.

So I left.  There was no point in sitting there for God knows how long if I wasn't even enjoying it.

But then, God surprised me.

The girl manning the door to stamp people who left and wanted to return saw me in tears (totally unintentional, by the way. I rarely, if ever, go looking for pity.).  Turns out, when I emailed the Campus Activities Board about special accomodations for tonight's concert, she was the first person who saw the email.  She begged the head guy to get me a meet-and-greet, but he said no.  On top of that, she also has seizures, so she is often stuck in the same predicament I am in.  You know what she did?

She gave me her signed poster that the band gave her.  They gave one to all of the CAB members who had been there working all day, and she doesn't even really like OneRepublic that much anyway.  She just gave it to me.  All because I was missing the concert and they didn't have any more extras.  How awesome is that?!?!  Goes to show you, God can always put a bright spot into a crappy night. 

One thing is for sure, though.  After all the drama tonight, I am looking forward to seeing The Vespers in Charlotte just that much more.  A concert with no strobe lights.  How refreshing.

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