Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I know Batman and Robin.

Or at least...the Batman and Robin that set the boat on fire.

I also know the reason why Tyler wouldn't tell me who it was when it happened.

Because they're two kids in my (very small) French class.

And two of his good friends.


So here's the story: I was supposed to meet with Tyler to study tonight, like usual.  Well, I went over to Shouse early to eat beforehand, and I got a text from a mutual friend of ours (she's in my Bible Study).  She's a French major, and she had to kill time on campus for another hour and a half, so she asked if she could come hang out with us.  I said sure.  We talked for about an hour, because I texted Tyler about 5:20 (he was supposed to be there a little after 5) and found out he wasn't coming (which he apologized four times for, and called himself a horrible person, and really, you can't be mad at that) so we just kept talking.  Just before 6 as we were both leaving, she and I were talking about the class and how three of us are pretty good at French, and three are bad.  She asked me who the other two good ones are, and I said "The soccer player and the guy who sits behind her." (She's visited our class before so she knew just who I was talking about.)  Then she went, "Oh, you mean Batman and Robin?"

Ha.  My jaw dropped.  Of course I'm not gonna say anything to Tyler or them about it because it is a month later and that's just pointless, but for some reason I'm really happy that I know.  What can I say - I've never enjoyed being out of the loop. ;)

So yeah.  That was my humor of the day. Well, that....and this:

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  1. Those kids were hilarious! Wonder if they're French, so expressive with their hands while talking! :D

    Batman & Robin, BUSTED! LOL