Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not sure when this happened!

That title can apply to two things...

1.  I went into this NCAA tournament not really caring much about it.  I'm not a big sports fan, unless it's NC State playing.  Of course, we suck this year so we were nowhere close to being in the NCAA.  Thus, the only team I remotely cared about was Duke, and that's because my grandma graduated from there.  Well, on Thursday, Duke was kicked out of the tournament after losing to Duke.  I thought, Oh well.  At least I don't have to bother with this anymore.  And yet, yesterday and today, I have watched almost all of the tournament games.  And I actually enjoyed it!  I have no idea when I started becoming a sports freak.

2.  I've said many times how much I both like and love my mom.  During my freshman year, I had such a rough time adjusting to college (you can pretty easily figure out why), that I called my mom pretty much every day.  This semester, though, I stopped.  Yes, we still talk, but not nearly as often as we used to.  We've barely texted at all this week, and I can't even remember the last time we had a real phone conversation.  Part of the reason this week is that I just can't be bothered in dealing with whatever drama is going on there.  Plus, I don't know, I'm just busy!  I think I'm finally growing up. ;)  Matt told me he's been waiting for me to figure this out.  :)

Today is good.

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