Friday, February 4, 2011

Today, I am tired. BUT...

I am grateful for many, many things.

I am grateful for a professor who understands when my migraines keep me from coming to class.
I am grateful for a professor who doesn't make us come to class on Fridays.
I am grateful for a professor who asks how I'm doing, how I'm recovering, and makes me laugh so hard during class I forget about my pain for 50 minutes.
I am grateful for Campus Safety, who come pick me up and drive me around whenever I need them.
I am grateful for classmates who appreciate my help and ask for it.
I am grateful for a friend who drives me to Wal-Mart and wherever I need to because I don't have a car, and won't accept gas money for me to pay her back.
I am grateful for friends who come out in the rain and help unload my groceries because my feet are throbbing.
I am grateful for a grandmother who gives me money each semester.
I am grateful for a great-aunt and great-uncle who happily pay for me to go to this amazing school, taking a huge burden off my mom.
I am grateful for an RD who listens to me rant and doesn't get irritated.
I am grateful for friends who keep me from feeling alone.
I am grateful for a sister who offered to clean my room and wash my sheets before I go home next weekend.
I am even grateful for my migraines, because having them makes me appreciate the (albeit somewhat rare) times when my head does not hurt.

Today, I am tired, BUT I am also very grateful and very, very blessed.


  1. Ironically it is 5 am and I was awoken by a migraine. They are such a pain...literally! My medication takes them away pretty quickly...Fiorcet. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  2. I am so sorry about your migraines. :( Headaches really suck. Especially in college, when you have to use your head all the time to study and think.