Thursday, February 24, 2011

This news just made my week.

A couple days ago, I found out that The Vespers have a show booked in Charlotte on April 15.

Naturally, I immediately wanted to go. 

But Charlotte is 3 hours away from Buies Creek, and I don't have a car.

I knew it was a stretch.

I called the ever-elusive Holly, but she never got back to me. 

Well, Amy surprised me by coming over tonight and bringing me a Bible she bought me (she is beyond awesome!).  We were talking for a few minutes, and I mentioned it, and she just said she had to check her schedule, but if there was nothing she'd do it!  Well I texted her a little while ago seeing if she checked her agenda yet, and she wrote back about 40 minutes later.

"Yes. And I'm busy. I have plans to go to The Vespers concert with a good friend. Sorry ;)"

It took a minute for the realization to register that she was being silly and actually telling me she COULD do it, so I went from disappointed to


I am screaming on the inside.  Like really.  You have no idea. 

I am beyond stoked. 

I can't wait to see Taylor and Bruno and Callie and Phoebe again!!!!!

Great day.  Great, great day.

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  1. I love Amy's clever response :) My kind of sense of haha!!


    Excited for you!