Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Slightly disappointed today.

I was supposed to go home this weekend.

Because I have to have a check-up with Dr. G about the ears/Bell's Palsy stuff.

I was getting really excited about it, too, because at this point I'm kinda homesick.

But of course, the whole house is sick.  Mom is getting over something nasty.

And Chelsea and Blake are just coming down with it. 

(Poor Blake, he seems to have gotten our family's gene for a crappy immune system.)

Plus, it's supposed to snow.  Both here, and in Swansboro.

Of course.

So instead, I had to move the appointment to next Friday.

Here's to hoping nothing happens next week, huh?

Two tests tomorrow.  It'd really be nice if the snow/ice comes tonight enough to cancel classes. :)

Good night, y'all.

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