Saturday, February 19, 2011

When I get to heaven...

I'm gonna find Dad.

Then, I'm going to find the Kennedy brothers: Joe, Jack, Bobby, and Teddy.

So I can raid their political minds. 

Hear from Joe about the war.

Ask Jack about his presidency. 

Tell Bobby I'd wish he'd made it in. 

Talk to Teddy about the amazing surgeons at Duke. (MY Dr. F's partner did his brain surgery!)

And maybe ask them what on earth they were thinking when they had affairs with Marilyn Monroe.  Just for good measure. ;)

Tonight I watched a 2-hour documentary on the Kennedys.  That is one fascinating family.

I mean, I memorized the presidents when I was 4, so it's safe to say that I've always been interested in JFK, but I can't seem to learn enough about his whole family!

I think my mom has rubbed off on me.  Her obsession is FDR, my obsession is JFK.

I mean, all the tragedies they overcame!
Rosemary's failed lobotomy.
Joe Jr. dying in WWII.
Kathleen dying in a plane crash.
JFK's assassination.
Bobby's assassination.
Teddy's Chappaquiddick accident.

And that's just their generation!  I won't even get into all the drama and issues the TWENTY NINE grandkids have had!

Really, a truly amazing family.  I can't wait to meet them in heaven.  I want to bow down to Grandma Rose for surviving it all and living to 104. ;)

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