Friday, February 18, 2011

Sad face.

I was supposed to go home this weekend.

Get to see my little Blake man.

Take pictures to send to Mauricio.

But of course, all three of them, Mom, Chelsea, AND Blake, all woke up puking this morning.

And no one bothered to tell my grandma till she got almost all the way to Campbell today.

She had to come get me, anyway, because I had a doctor appointment, but it still kind of sucked for her because she ended up having to drive me back to school before driving all the way home.

I'm sad, though, because now I won't to get home till Spring Break, which is two weeks away.

And I'm homesick, so two weeks is a long time.
The gift, though?  I have a test on Monday, so it's better this way because I CAN NOT afford to get sick!

My plan for tomorrow is to work on Bloom's Chapter 3 and 4 transcripts, and do my French homework.  Sunday is solely dedicated to Monday's History test.

Good night, y'all.

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