Friday, December 3, 2010

Un examen bas, quatre à aller.

For all of you non-French speaking people (which from my followers list, that is all but JD that I'm aware of), that title says:

One exam down, four to go.

My Intro to Christianity exam was pretty darn easy.  I think I might have missed 5 out of the 50 questions, but I also got 4 out of 5 extra credit questions, so I'm fully expecting an A in the class, especially since the last time I asked about my grade I had a 96.  So it's all good!  I also appreciated the fact that since the exam wasn't cumulative, meaning it wasn't covering the entire semester's material, instead just the material from after the third test to the end of the semester, it wouldn't take anyone the full three hours, my professor moved the exam time to 9 am instead of 8 am.  Thus, I didn't have to get up an hour early like I was expecting to.

Monday I have my Western Civ exam at 8 am. The one I am most concerned about.
Tuesday I have my Science exam at 8 and my English exam at noon.  Neither of these are concerning because neither are cumulative.
Wednesday is my last exam, French at 3 pm.  I am so happy that I have this exam last once again.  And that it's at 3!    I can get up at 11 or so, eat, and then go return my books before the exam.  Because after the exam, I am DONE!!!!!! and I can just come back and chill and get everything packed because my check-out time is 11 am on Thursday.

And my mom told me last night that Thursday night is Blake's Christmas program at his daycare.  I can't wait to see that.  Lots and lots of adorable babies?  Yes, please.

Six more days...six more days.  I can do this.  Just six more days.

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  1. I've probably mentioned before that my husband is a history professor at a university here in Ohio. He's busy grading and WRITING exams - their last day of classes was yesterday & next week is exam week. He doesn't enjoy being on the other side of things any more than you enjoy being on your side. But he's the kind of professor that used to drive me crazy - he takes FOREVER to grade papers & get them back.

    Good luck the rest of your exams - it's good that the worst one is first thing Monday - get it OUT of the way!